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I will be performing a two hour set at the Summit County Fair
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Dream Advice From Johnny Cash

So, after my dad passed away in 2007 I had my first dream about Johnny Cash. The man in black and I were sitting at a dimly lit bar drinking Whiskey and playing songs for one another.  

Before he left I asked him if he had any advice and he said,

"In this world if you want to get far, you’ve got to stay true to who you are or else you’ll wind up burned."

When I moved back to Utah in 2008 and started playing music the dreams became more frequent.  Every couple of months or so I would have a dream. From drinking in old saloons and talking about music and books, to playing songs with each other.

My favorite dream happened just after I had released with my first album All Across America, he showed up and sat at my merch table and sold CD’s for me.

He came up to me after my set and told me that he had sold all my albums, and when I asked him how he’d managed to sell a thousand albums in one night, he winked at me and said:

"I signed each one  and told everyone that they were Johnny Cash approved." 

Until last night Johnny Cash hasn’t showed up in one of my dreams since I was visiting Nashville back in 2012.  Last night I dreamt that he showed up to my studio as I was working out some new material and deciding what songs are good enough to record and which ones aren’t.

Before he left he said:  "Listen here whether you are writing about an 18-wheeler, a town that got the best of you, or some inanimate object always write about it like it’s a relationship.”

With that he opened the door and said: "You take care now,  I’ve gotta get a move on."

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Still in Love with You

Brett Turner
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