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Broke And Sexy  

My favorite part of being a musician musician is getting to tell stories. I also dabble in some part-time marketing consulting as well to help businesses and organizations better tell their story. Every single day as an individual I am  inundated with ads, commercials, previews, pop-ups, slogans, billboards, offers, etc. I can't remember 99.9% of them. I tune them out just like you do. 

In the past two weeks, I've walked or driven past my fair share of panhandlers. I have given to some when I was able, and didn't to others. I remember only two.

One had a sign that read "Broke & Sexy", and the other one read, "I need eighty cents to feed my dog." 

Here's why these two stood out to me. 

"Broke & Sexy"

It's always better to be called sexy rather than to call ourselves sexy. At least in public. Yet, here is a guy, whom I presume is homeless, sitting on a corner with a cardboard sign that reads "Broke and Sexy." I literally laughed out loud, not at him or his circumstances, but at the fact that his circumstances hadn't hindered his confidence, or his sense of humor. We live in a world where we screen and photoshop the pictures we post, we are always painting ourselves in a good light. Beauty fades, we wrinkle,  gain weight, and ose our hair. Contrary to pop culture those aren't the things that make us sexy. Confidence, honesty and sense of humor are sexy. His sign was true. This man was Broke and Sexy! 

"I need eighty cents to feed my dog" 

If you are anything like me you're wondering why eighty cents? Why not fifty cents, why not a dollar? I have no idea why he chose eighty cents (Maybe the preferred brand of dog food his pup liked), but this man sat there with a small dog in his lap. He just sat there petting and talking to his dog. I've read a lot of negative opinions about homeless that have dogs, that go something like this... "If they can't take care of themselves they have no business taking care of an animal." Maybe some of them use animals to make their stories more believable. I don't think this guy did. At least that's the story i'm telling myself. Because here was a man who for some reason had an exact amount that he needed for something that was obviously dear to him. His dog is most likely the most important thing in his life. It's his only companion, the only one he has to talk to, the only one who loves him unconditionally.

These two signs got my attention because they were different. They didn't say will work for food, or I need money, or fallen on hard times. Signs we've all seen a million times.  They said something new, and I told myself a story about them when I read them, and it appealed to my humanity. 

What's ironic is how businesses will spend a ton of money on marketing and advertising to get me to notice them and I notice very little.  Yet here are two guys with a sharpie and a cardboard box that create a more memorable story that I'm still talking about. 

If I were in charge of marketing a company I'd go find someone with signs like these and give them a job. 

The Game Changing Questions To Ask When You Question Your Entire Existence 

Have you ever asked yourself the following questions?...

What am I doing?

How did I get here?

What should I have done?

Then you, like me, know how absolutely paralyzing they can be!

The thing about these questions is they aren't very helpful are they?

Allow me to share with you what I mean.

Say you're in a car. It's a sexy car. A vintage 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air. It's got a teal and white two tone paint job. She's completely restored from the inside out. The chrome looks like it gets polished by chrome gnomes every night. It shines like a mirror.

When you stopped at a red light a teenager in a cross walk took a selfie in your bumper and posted it to their Instagram.

The caption probably read: 

"Took a picture of this hottie at the red light"  #RockStar #TheCarsNiceToo #57Chevy

You're not one that likes to draw attention to yourself so you decide to leave the city. Your friends have been telling you about this old two lane highway about 30 miles out of town that somehow, you've never driven.

You're intrigued aren't you? 

It's just you, this sexy car, and the open road. Can it get any better?

Yes, yes it can!

Crank the radio up because I don't care who you are. Everyone at one time or another needs to have that Jerry Maguire moment. Go ahead, no one's watching. Even if they were it would inspire the hell out of anyone to see you sing yeah i'm FREEEEEEEEEE Free Fallin'.... at the top of your lungs!

It's the pinnacle of your trip. Just as you and Tom Petty gear up for one last chorus you see the straightest stretch of black top you've ever seen. The engine starts sputtering, Tom Petty sings without you.  Your eyes dash to your speed-o-meter falling dropping quick. You turn Tom Petty down to a hush and notice the needle pointing at E.
You my friend have just ran out of gas.

If you want to feel like an idiot ask those questions now. 

What am I doing?
Sitting in the middle of nowhere. #ThanksCaptainObvious

How did I get here?

In a car that had enough gas to get here but not enough to get back. #Genius

What should I have done?

Put $20 in the tank before leaving. #InformationThatWouldHaveBeenHelpfulAnHourAgo

Right now the best way to feel less idiotic is to come up with all kinds of completely rational ways to blame someone else for the place we're in. 

Things like:

"This is a road, a road that was made for cars, and what do cars run on? Gas! So why the hell didn't someone put a gas station out here?

"I wasn't even the last one to use the car. If they would have just put gas in it then I wouldn't be stuck in the middle of nowhere. It's all their fault." 

"I don't understand this, cars today can drive 50 miles after the needle is on E. The manufacturers in the 1950's were idiots. I hate this car and I'm never driving it again." 

I'm sure you never do that do you? 

The thing about questions is that they are only as good as the answers they give. Which means if we ask unhelpful questions, we are going to get unhelpful answers.

So what happens when we change those unhelpful questions to: 
Where am I going?  And how am I going to get there? 

Intentionally asking these two questions when I feel stuck it allows for my focus to shift from what I did (which I can't change) that led to my current circumstance, to how  I get to choose to move forward. 

Where am I going? I am going to a gas station.

How am I going to get there?  I'm going to get there but hoofing it back 5 miles to the fork in the road. Then I'm going to try to hitch a ride to a gas station. Then I'm going to fill up a 5 gallon gas can. Then I will hopefully rely on the kindness of a stranger to drop me back off at my car. 

There is a time and place for reflection, lessons learned, and all that jazz. This isn't it. This is the time when we get to choose how we are going to move forward. 

Start walking. Towards wherever it is we are going. With each step our situation will start to look a little different, not necessarily easier, not even better at first.

Just different. The kind of different that can gives us a little thing called perspective. You will love perspective. 

When a beat up old Ford comes rolling down the road perspective is the only thing that will prompt the driver to stop and ask the helpful question "Can I give you a lift into town?" 

As you jump in the truck he introduces himself as Jim. Jim will tell you that he's lived out there his entire life, and you will make small talk the rest of the trip into town. He's an easy man to talk to, and when you tell your kids this story you'll refer to him as your best friend Jim.

As you get to town you'll realize that you never told Jim you ran out of gas.  Out of sheer luck he'll pull into the gas station. As you watch his calloused right hand downshift from third to second gear he'll look over at you and say.... "you don't live as long as I have without getting yourself in a bind every now and then."

He tells you he'll be back out in 10 minutes and that he'll give you a ride back if you need it. 

Of course you need it.

He knows you need it. 

Because he's been there.

We all have.

At one time or another. 

We will be again.

Or find ourselves alongside someone who is. 

So when you or someone you care about find themselves there, wherever there is...

Ask A Helpful Question. 

Will you commit to doing that? 

So Far Yet So Close  

Most commercial airplane rides these days that are longer than a couple hours come equipped
with a little screen on the seat back in front of you. 

The one that shows you how to buckle your safety belt, and how to exit the plane 
in case of emergency.

The one that distracts you with cable TV and the in flight movies.

The one that has the in flight tracker. 

The in flight tracker, that clever little channel that tells you how far you are from the place that you just left,
and how long you have left to go to the place you set out for. 

If you want a miserable flight, then watch that channel the whole time. Spend the entire flight dwelling 
on how far you are from where you started, and how far you have yet to go. 

I can make myself miserable if I spend all my time focusing on where my career started and 
how far away from my career aspirations I still am.

A sure fire way to ruin a relationship is spending our time being upset that the middle of our flight doesn't feel
as exciting as getting on the plane, or getting to the destination! 

It's important to think about the reasons that we got on a plane in the first place. My guess is that it was something
bigger than just waking up one day and deciding to go somewhere. Maybe it was a person, or an experience,
or a business opportunity. 

The point is it started long before we ever packed a bag, stood in a security line, or got on a plane. 

And if we think about it like that, then when we're suspended 30,000 feet in the air flying through
the sky, we are actually a lot further along than what the in flight tracker says....

Or closer, depending on your perspective! 


The Problem With Time 

It moves faster when we do things we enjoy. 

It moves slower when we do things we don't enjoy. 

It's worth a lot or a little depending on how we spend it. 

We can't get it back. 

We can't guarantee any more than what we have right now. 

We often say I will (fill in the blank)  when I have " a little more time." 

And that is perhaps the cleverest of all time's illusions, 

Because the truth is...

The longer we wait,  the less time we truly have! 


Why Not?  

Why would someone who has failed so 
many times continue to try new things?

Why would you quit your job and leave
a regular paycheck before having 
something else lined up? 

Why would you continue to send publishers
pitches for your book when 950 others had 
rejected you? 

Why would you do things differently than the
way that you were told to do them?

Why would you work full-time when you 
could stay home with your kids? 

Why would you sacrifice your career to
stay home with your kids?  

Why would you continue to make music
when you know that people won't pay for it? 

Sometimes the most creative question we 
can ask ourselves is

Why Not?

And then go do something we truly believe in! 


The Cats In The Cradle  

Brett performed Harry Chapin's "Cats In The Cradle" for This Is The Place Music Series in Salt Lake City. When asked about why he chose this song here's what he had to say. 

There are a lot of reasons I think this is an amazing song, and the more I learned about it the more amazing and tragic it is. 
Harry Chapin wrote this song after his wife gave him a poem, that was inspired by her ex-husbands relationship with his father. 

Can you blame Harry Chapin for not turning a poem about his wife's ex into a song?

Legend has it that he left it on his desk, but found it after his son Josh was born and put music to the story. 

I always thought this was an autobiographical story, but it's not.

My dad passed away back in 2007 and I think it's a song that implores us to not take relationships in our lives for granted, because you don't ever know when someone might be taken away from you. 

The biggest tragedy of all was that Harry Chapin was killed in a car accident at 38 not too long after he wrote this song. 


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